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Promoting entrepreneurship for actionplan 2020 EC
It seems that  45% of the population in Europe longs to be an entrepreneur.  Actually 11% is. Educational organisations, governement services and private organisations coud be contribute for  taken away obstacles, by advising the European Commision. The EC is interested in new ideas to perform:

  • Unleash entrepreneurial potential;
  • Remove obstacles to entrepreneurial activities;
  • Support entrepreneurs in starting up businesses;
  • Help entrepreneurs to face challenges, particularly during the first years of life of the business.


  • Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in schools and universities;
  • Women, Seniors – untapped pools of entrepreneurial potential;
  • Migrants, minorities or other specific groups of potential entrepreneurs.

More information
Press releaset: Entrepreneurship: consultation on future action at EU level
Consultation: Consultation on Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan
More information here:

Here you find a questionnaire and a call for consultation.
Most of the time, the suggestions of the EC could be qualified to be at a quite high theoretical level, although they are really interested in practical ideas.
So don't hesitate answering this call!

Contribution by Jannie Roemeling.