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We produced the following videos and pdf's for the e-learning program of the Girl's technical school in Kayseri in the Leonardo Da Vinci project:  E-step, from home to workplace.




Our research in the home textile sector in the Netherlands 1/10/12 PDF

Dare to take steps You tube video sarapozetti


Your 1e video is on: Best-practice-Qolors.mp4

  • Marijke Krabbenbos tells 10 min., in english, about the start up of her webshop A best practice on items as: the outsourcing process, crowd funding and internet marketing.

Je 2e video Qolors-crowdfunding-ned.mp4 wordt live weergegeven op:


  • Marijke Krabbenbos van de webwinkel T shirts- vertelt in 4 minuten hoe ze succesvol werd met crowdfunding. Ook interessante info over internetmarketing.


Je 3e video Qolors-proces-van-outsourcing:


  • Marijke Krabbenbos vertelt 2 min. over het vinden van de beste buitenlandse productiepartner, dus outsourcing, bij de start van haar webwinkel


Your 4th video Terzi.mp4 on You tube: :

  • Terzi means tailor in Turkish. You can buy Terzi 's fashion in the Maasstraat 33 in Amsterdam. In this video he tells 9 min. about the lack of technical and vocational trained people in Holland and his design, production and shop. He started complimentary with fashion training programs in his shop for beginners and advanced levels. His Dutch is excellent, however this video is educational meant for a Turkish vocational girls school, so spoken Turkish and a bit subtitled in English. Terzi does not have a website yet, although you can follow him on facebook.


5e video is Terzi-modevakschool.mp4 op:


  • Modevakschool Terzi Maasstraat 33 Amsterdam, biedt 1 op 1 maatwerk om meester kleermaker te worden en cursussen als: basis naaitechniek, zelf kleding maken en patroon tekenen. Dit is een eerste filmpje van 5 min., waarbij zowel Terzi als zijn klanten reacties kunnen geven op de inhoud van de boodschap en de vormgeving zoals de keuze van de lettertypes

6th   Best practice annemiek-de-groot-kleermaker.mp4 on

  • In this film Annemiek de Groot, tailor, tells in Dutch about her work. How she is getting a sketch from a famous designer and than 'build' that dress or gown to a beautiful, perfect tailor-made, amazing piece of work. She explains the technique and practice of a 'Toile' and a 'Moulage'.


7th video is Best-practice-Loret-Karman-all-film-materials.mp4 is only available on dvd/usb :

  • In this film Loret Karman describes the start of her business: hand-dyed yarns and knitting. . The film is 20 min. It will be soon re-edited in 2 shorter films.  1st her offer and clients and 2nd the struggle  and tips on staying 'small' however let grow your business.

8th Loret-Karman-hand-dyed-yarns+knitting-offers.mp4

  • In this film Loret Karman describes the quality she offers in  hand-dyed yarns and knitting. . The film is 10 min English spoken. She can work for shops, museums, companies and designers. She offers over 100 colors of high quality, green produced materials in small quantities. Also tailor-made colors are possible. In the shop in Amsterdam you see and hear the owner Twirre talking about  loving the quality of the hand-dyed yarns' that Loret Karman offers.

9th growing-and-stay-small.mp4 :

  • In this film Loret Karman  tells about the struggle for businesses in crafts on staying 'small' however let grow your business and having only your two bare hands. We elaborate on strategies: 1. double your prices to be able outsourcing with quality systems for control. 2. Normal growth = getting bigger by investing and hiring people. 5 marketing tips are given for growing + staying small, by and


Lessons from putting films on a You Tube Channel.


  1. With a g-mail account it is very easy to upload your films, you find a You Tube link in your g-mail menu and profile

  2. The You Tube machines only accept films smaller than 15 minutes (or you have to ask for more space- in advance)

  3. You Tube refuses a film that you placed before, but took away for any reason. You than have to re-edit it and possibly the You Tube machines will accept the new version.

  4. The search-engines are immediately warning you, when authors-rights could be damaged.


So 'Do it right the first time' by controlling your films on everything (text, music, author-rights, hitches and wobbles) before putting it on You Tube.
De links are also to be found at doorpakkers/things2share

PDF's interviews





from our Welsh collegues: Welsh textile artist websites
Welsh Textile Artist websites: Maggie Carr glass artist in Swansea/ Wales/ Carmarthenshire Space 2 Create also online courses

More videos

Emotiemanagement wordt live weergegeven op:
In dit filmpje van 5 minuten wordt met tekeningetjes uitgelegd, hoe je zakelijker om kunt gaan met de zware emoties van de 4 B's: Boos, Bedroefd, Bang en Blij. Het zal hopenlijk kort op Youtube staan, omdat we een betere versie willen maken. 21-3-2013

Tijdens de excursie met Dineke Stam van naar de expositie Zielenzorg en Zielenmoord in Tilburg, was een onderdeel van het programma: het doen van improvisaties. In dit filmpje van 2 minuten, kun je heel snel emoties meebeleven. Het filmpje heet: improvisatie-liefde-zwarte-baron+gouvernante-1863 Link is :